For the parent of a child with ADHD:
"How To Help Your Child Thrive
-WITHOUT Losing Your Patience, Your Mind, Or Your Family!"


Child Psychologist, Ventriloquist, Magician, and much more...

I'm Dr. Sam Caron, also known as "Dr. C."
I'm a child psychologist, and by combining puppets, music, humor, and magic along with education, I've created a revolutionary DVD that will educate and entertain your entire family about ADHD all at the same time!
"My Child's ADHD Is Tearing My Family Apart"
Is your child having trouble in school? Are you tired of telling him to do something (like clean his room) and then coming back an hour later to find out that not only did he not do what you asked, but he is now engaged in some completely unrelated and unproductive activity?

Would you like to find out how to help your child succeed?

Children with ADHD often have characteristics that can be challenging, and even frightening for some parents to deal with.

One example is desiring immediate gratification. I'm sure you know how it is when they want something, they want it now, and they are going to be in your face until you give in, or become very angry, and cause another rift in your relationship.

Many ADHD children are oppositional, demanding, and stubborn, often causing parents to lose their patience, and lead to undesirable home environments.

ADHD children also tend to be immature. Twelve year olds are more like eight year olds, nine year olds are more like six year olds, etc. and many parents blame themselves, or try harsher and harsher punishments until the home becomes a hostile area.

These characteristics can also lead to problems with peer relationships, and many children with ADHD end up playing with younger children because they can manipulate them or finally feel superior instead of always feeling like a loser.

One of my biggest concerns is how ADHD can affect personality development. Many ADHD children begin to think that they are stupid, uncontrollable, and unlovable. These negative self-beliefs can lead to even greater problems if left unchecked.
I Have Been Working With Children and Families For Over 35 Years...
During that time, I have worked as:
  • A special education teacher
  • At a hospital for people who were severely, developmentally disabled
  • As an elementary school counselor
  • At a mental health center, as the director of children and family services
  • At a college, teaching courses and
  • In my own office, seeing children and families who were having problems.
Currently, I am a child psychologist at the mental health clinic at Fort Huachuca, an army base in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

I am glad that I chose a career which allows me to try to help children and families get along better and be happier. It particularly makes me feel good when I hear that one of my former patients is doing well now.

But I never thought that one of my hobbies would lead to the breakthrough that other families desperately needed...
I Started Learning Ventriloquism When I Got A Puppet On My Sixth Birthday...
When I was a child, "The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show" was popular on television (Yes, they did have television when I was younger), and on my sixth birthday, my aunt gave me a Jerry Mahoney puppet.

I enjoyed him so much that I practiced and practiced until I got really good at it. Nobody taught me how to do ventriloquism; I just kept practicing and taught myself.

I never thought I would make a career out of it.

After I grew up, I continued to use my puppet skills a little bit in all of my jobs. About 10 years ago, I hired a puppet maker named Jerry Baum, and he made puppets for everybody in my family; Mary (my wife of 41 years), and my sons Benjamin and Jeremy who are 39 and 31. We all have puppets to this very day.

When I first purchased my most famous therapy puppet, he didn't have a name. I held a contest among my patients to name him, and gave the winner a bag of animal balloons. When somebody suggested Elwood, I knew that it was the right name.

Now Elwood is a part of our family:
Elwood helps me at work by talking with my young patients. Talking with Elwood makes them happy to visit me, and they open up to discuss their feelings and other things they might normally not tell anyone else.

When Hurricane Andrew hit the Florida coast, I was able to take Elwood to a Red Cross shelter to help out. We entertained the families who were shaken up by the disaster, and helped them come together to support each other. It was magical.
And Then Suddenly, My Therapy Practice Turned Into "Show Business"...
It was after working with the Red Cross that we wanted to reach more people, and we got the idea to do a non-violent children's television show. So many of the shows on TV are about violence and conflict, but we found that a lot of children want to talk about things like their own anger issues, their parents divorces, and other deep, meaningful topics.
Working on the television show was a lot of fun, and we worked in a public access studio in Tucson, Arizona. My entire family learned how to work in a television studio by setting up the lights, sound, and the cameras. We also learned how to operate the cameras and work in the control room.

After we spent an entire year working on the TV show, we began to produce our own public service announcements on topics like family violence, drug use, and about not talking to strangers.

These 30 second productions were shown on television in Tucson, Arizona. It made us all feel good to see them on TV and we hoped they would help some families...

But I had no idea what would happen next.
When I Discovered My Son Had ADHD, I Felt Like Every Other Parent, Except For One Crucial Thing...
We had produced a lot of videos, and several episodes on ADHD, and it's treatment. My family worked together to produce these video tapes, working together on the same goal also brought us closer together as a family.

Instead of making the ADHD "his" problem, it just became another thing we worked on together, just like the TV show.

And we created the shows TOGETHER.

And I started telling parents to watch our shows TOGETHER.

The shows aren't "Kids Shows", they are "Family Shows", and the more the parents showed interest in watching them over and over again, we found that the children felt understood, heard, and validated.

Not only that, but the children understood their PARENTS.

Which, let's face it - Is practically a MIRACLE!

Now Your Family Can Have The Same Bonding Experience, and Create Harmony and Understanding
-Just By Watching Our Shows!
Dr. C and Elwood's
Introduction To ADHD
  • Instantly Accessible - You and your family can watch within 30 seconds of ordering, so you can begin to heal the hurt
  • Entertaining to Kids and Adults - Clever and fun conversations with music and characters to entertain and educate children, with real medical information for adults
  • Classic Entertainment - Although the shows were produced many years ago, the scripts and topics are as relevant today as they were then, so your family can enjoy them for a long time.
  • Rewatchable - Because the more you show interest, and watch over and over again, the more your children will learn to cope, and to trust you, and come to you for guidance in their lives.
  • Written by a Child Psychologist - These aren't shows trying to "get ratings" or promote toys- they are promoting family unity
  • Many Different Topics - Although we've been discussing ADHD, there are many other episodes about health, safety, and emotional security.
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Doctor C and Elwood's Intro To ADHD
A Learning Experience For The Entire Family
Thankfully, even after the public access show went off the air, and these days when everyone watches separate devices and separate shows, we still have these videos available for families who want to have shared experiences and get closer.

Your child will love the seven original songs that teach the main concepts, and you'll want to watch it together again and again, and sing along!

You and your children can watch it together, and you'll all learn valuable and important information about ADHD, all while being entertained.

Not only that, but you can have instant access to the shows just by clicking below and placing your order now!

The Full 10 Lessons On ADHD Include:
  • The first lesson, "ADHD: An Introduction" introduces parents to ADHD.
  • Lesson 2 is a child's introduction to ADHD, where your family meets Elwood for the first time.
  • Lesson 3 introduces parents to ADHD and medication.
  • Lesson 4 explains ADHD and medication to your child.
  • Lesson 5 introduces parents to Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD).
  • Lesson 7 talks to siblings about ADHD.
  • Lessons 6, 8, and 9 discuss the impact that the three main ADHD symptoms can have on your child's life.
  • Finally, Lesson 10 contains Elwood's parting thoughts on ADHD, and also concludes the lessons.
  • Included with the videos is a discussion guide with a multitude of valuable information, recommended activities, and discussion questions.
The Dr C. and Elwood Show
Will Not "Fix" Your Child!

Your child is not broken.

It is crucial that you do not buy this video now with the intention of sitting your child in front of it, hoping that he will be miraculously "cured" or "fixed".

The video is for FAMILIES to enjoy TOGETHER, and we have found that the more parents promote it as their own video that they enjoy watching over and over again, the better results they have as a family.

Even if your child shows little interest or gets up in the middle to do something else (which is extremely likely), it is important that you do not make them wrong for it or insist they watch.

Remember that the videos "belong" to the parents, and the children are welcome to watch, or not. Their ADHD minds will wander in and out, and pick up pieces without them even realizing it.

We have had great results with people who just leave them on in the house while doing other things like housework or instead of watching cartoons or other mindless entertainment.

The magic is in doing things together- as a family.

Like A Therapy Session...
-With Puppets and Music!
Although many people jump immediately to medication, ADHD is best handled with a combination of medication and counseling.
As they say: "Pills don't build skills"

One of the reasons I made these videos was to simulate a counseling session that is fun, friendly, and inclusive.

Sometimes children who have ADHD will resist going to a therapist, but these videos can help them "warm up" to the idea by seeing what a session might be like...

Although a real life session might not have puppets and music!
Just by watching my fun and engaging videos, you'll learn how to better manage your child's ADHD, and how to assist your child to succeed by working together, and solidifying your bond instead of straining it.

Your child can gain an understanding of what it means to have ADHD, and how to unlock his unlimited potential, which is a GUARANTEED confidence boost (so necessary today!)
Here's What Other People Are Saying...
"The Dr. C and Elwood Show" immediately captures the interest of children and opens the way for discussion between family members and Health Care Providers. Dr. Caron is to be congratulated on his novel approach and sensitivity to the educational needs of families. As both professional counselor and parent, I want to thank you for sharing ideas. Nice Job!"

Ellen Ackerman

School Nurse, Sierra Vista Middle School
"Dr. Caron's video program for ADHD children and their families has proved to be a valuable addition to my repertoire of practical, hands-on tools for the patients and parents I treat everyday. He has devised a very creative, inspiring and entertaining series that brings to light a myriad of critical issues.

I have witnessed children watching "The Dr. C and Elwood Show" with smiles on their faces and seen how well it serves as a springboard for them to begin to question and understand their behavior. Unlike books for ADHD children, the video provides a more powerful impact because the child viewer
so easily identifies with Elwood's circumstances."

Dr. Steven Richfield

Clinical Psychologist
Developer, Parent Coaching Cards

Caroline Hensby

"I watched these videos with our ADHD son, Richard, who sat engrossed and couldn't stop talking about them for days after.
With the use of ventriloquism, humor, song and magic, Dr. C (and of course Elwood and the rest of the puppet family) take the whole family through the diagnosis and explanation of ADHD. The use of various techniques and strategies helps the family cope and works to improve the whole family situation.
Highly recommended for use by families and professionals working with families affected by ADHD."
The "Dr. C Guarantee"
No Worries. The Product Comes With A
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
60 Day Money Back Guarantee. I hold your trust in the highest regard, which is why I have a 60-Day, No Hassle, No-Questions-Asked Satisfaction Guarantee on all of my videos, books, audiobooks, and training courses. If at any time within the 60 Day return period you feel dissatisfied with your purchase, simply contact me at, and I'll refund 100% of the purchase price. Since there is no product to return, you don't have to send anything back to get your refund, no shipping costs, no trips to the post office, it really is 100% risk-free. I appreciate your business, your honesty, and know that your well being is important to me.
Dr. C and Elwood's
Introduction To ADHD

P.S.- My family and I want to thank all of the children and families who have supported our work for all of these years, and we hope that you choose to join us in our mission of bringing families together.

When you get instant access to our videos, I hope you choose to share this webpage with other families who might be struggling with the same circumstances so they can buy and enjoy our shows as well.

Thank you, and Enjoy The Show!

Dr. Sam Caron aka "Dr. C" and Elwood


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